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DARIAH-DE Mailing lists

DARIAH-DE provides mailing lists for fast information exchange within the research community.

DARIAH-DE provides mailing lists in many research areas as a communication tool. This way a fast information exchange to special topics can take place inside the research community.

In the configuration of the list one can define, who is allowed to send e-mails to the list. This way one can for example decide, that only list members are allowed to send to the mailing list. But it is also possible to allow each sender to send an email to a list. As software for this DARIAH-DE uses Mailman.

The administrators of mailing lists are able to fill in or delete arbitrary e-mail addresses into or out of their list. Also they are allowed to configure the parameters of their list and to provide welcome and farewell notices. Furthermore an archive of the list can be provided.

Public reachable mailing lists of GWDG, which provides the DARIAH-DE mailing lists, are reachable under To each mailing list you find a webpage for registration. Depending on the configuration of the desired list you will be added automatically to the list or this is done later by the administrator.

After a successfull registration it is possible to send e-mails to the list with the address "listname @ institutionaldomain", which will be sent then to all members of the list.

Do you still have questions or would you like more information? You can reach us at

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The SSH Open Marketplace is maintained and will be further developed by three European Research Infrastructures - DARIAH, CLARIN and CESSDA - and their national partners. It was developed as part of the "Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud" SSHOC project, European Union's Horizon 2020 project call H2020-INFRAEOSC-04-2018, grant agreement #823782.