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DARIAH-DE Monitoring of research infrastructures and services using Icinga

Monitoring is a important factor for the operation of a digital research infrastructure. The data centers focus the hardware and the state of the basic software. Monitoring can be used to correct any faults and failures as quickly as possible. The specific, scientific services operating in the DARIAH-DE infrastructure have to be integrated into the monitoring systems present at the data center partners. For this reason, on the basis of existing software solutions, a system has been established which is intended to meet both end users and administrators, while at the same time collecting the existing monitoring information from the data centers and can monitor scientific services as well.

Underlying software

Icinga is a software operating at many data centers. It enables to monitor remote servers and services. For this purpose it can be ensured the accessibility of various protocols, execute scripts on remote servers, or query the general system state. The system parameters will be checked in a self-defined time interval. The infrastructure is depicted via "hosts" (servers) and "services". In the case of a breakdown, the system administrators are notified to ensure the availability of the service as quickly as possible. The front-end visualizes the status of the monitored systems.

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The SSH Open Marketplace is maintained and will be further developed by three European Research Infrastructures - DARIAH, CLARIN and CESSDA - and their national partners. It was developed as part of the "Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud" SSHOC project, European Union's Horizon 2020 project call H2020-INFRAEOSC-04-2018, grant agreement #823782.