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A good starting point to receive support for DH-related questions, tools and resources provided by CLARIN-D, DARIAH-EU and DARIAH-DE, CLARIAH-DE and Text+ is the helpdesk. Its aim is to answer to each request within 24 hours and either solve the issue directly or channel the issue to competent colleagues. The DARIAH-DE helpdesk is not only able to rely on a group of colleagues (agents), who are available on a daily base but beyond this, the helpdesk colleagues have access to the wider DH research infrastructure network of DARIAH-EU and especially in Germany, namely CLARIN-D, DARIAH-DE, CLARIAH-DE, and Text+. Furthermore the support team is familiar with the humanities and cultural science research processes and may likely help you along with questions falling not directly into the services/resources of the mentioned initatives. Give it a try!

The helpdesk is technically based on the open source software OTRS. In addition, there is the option to use the software supplied by the helpdesk for the own projects, if they are connected to helpdesk AAI infrastructure. So the enquiries may be work through structured and with the help of standardised and proven processes. You reach the helpdesk via e-mail (;; ) and via web-forms.

This resource is supported by Text+. In case of questions you may get in touch with the Text+ helpdesk at


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The SSH Open Marketplace is maintained and will be further developed by three European Research Infrastructures - DARIAH, CLARIN and CESSDA - and their national partners. It was developed as part of the "Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud" SSHOC project, European Union's Horizon 2020 project call H2020-INFRAEOSC-04-2018, grant agreement #823782.