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Netnography Open Educational Resource

Netnography is an adaptation of ethnography to the study of digital interactions. In this course, the ethnographic perspective underpinning Netnography is introduced together with the netnographic approach and different types of netnographic material. Ethnographic procedures adapted to digital settings, such as participant observations, interviews and taking field notes, are described together with Social Network Analysis. Employing both qualitative elements (such as participant observations) and quantitative (Social Network Analysis), learners will work hands-on with pre-selected datasets to do a small-scale netnographic study. This study will depart from questions connected to equality, cultural diversity and public health.

The course includes four units that are designed to gradually introduce the learner to Netnography as a research field and a methodology, but the units can also be studied separately. Each unit includes theoretical content and practical assignments that will allow the learner to develop a thorough understanding of Netnography and a useful skillset for doing netnographies.


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