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LODification of bibliographical data: Zotero to Wikibase migration with ZotWb

This workflow explains how to migrate publication metadata from any Zotero group collection to a custom Wikibase instance using the ZotWb tool, how to do entity reconciliation using Open Refine, with Wikidata as authority file, and how to send reconciled data back to Wikibase.


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Workflow steps(8)

  1. 1 Introduction

  2. 2 Requirements and installation

  3. 3 Configuration of the tool

  4. 4 Exporting Zotero records to your Wikibase

  5. 5 Reconciling person name literal strings against Wikibase and Wikidata entities

  6. 6 Reconciling other literals (publisher, place, etc.)

  7. 7 Writing OpenRefine reconciliation results to your Wikibase

  8. 8 Other functions of the zotero-wikibase tool

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