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EOSC Service Providers Maturity Model

This is a draft workflow

The Service Providers Maturity Model is suggested to assess (or self-assess) the level of integration with the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) for any provider interested to join.

7 steps are identified in this model that can also be seen as an ideal EOSC integration workflow.

This workflow has been created as part of the EOSC-Future project, and complements the available documentation of the EOSC Providers Hub.


Workflow steps(7)

  1. 1 Getting a Basic Awareness of EOSC

  2. 2 Registering as Service Provider

  3. 3 Onboarding your First Services and Data Sources

  4. 4 Embedding EOSC participation into day-to-day operations

  5. 5 Integrating with EOSC Core Services

  6. 6 Gaining insights in EOSC

  7. 7 Composing your own Workflows

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