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DARIAH-DE Generic Search

Search engine that allows to search in the metadata records of the Collection Registry

The Generic Search creates a comprehensive search facility in DARIAH-DE. For this purpose, the individual metadata records of the collections described in the Collection Registry are combined. The Generic Search is available free and without registration.

With the myCollections function, users can create their own individual selection of these collections and save them permanently. This allows researches in a precisely defined environment. An "own" search engine created this way can be shared with other users.

The Generic Search combines the features of breadth-first and depth-first search so that a dynamic adaptation of the search - e.g. in regards to a faceting - but also the application of different visualization techniques becomes possible. The Generic Search allows a detailed examination of the considered data (depth-first search). With a growing number of included collections, the granularity of the consideration and the faceting of the search can be reduced and assume the form of a breadth-first search.

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